Electronic Learning and its Benefits in Education

Enaam Karim Abed 1 *

EURASIA J Math Sci and Tech Ed, Volume 15, Issue 3, Article No: em1672.



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The concept of Electronical Learning was emerged which is a method of education in the delivery of information to the learner, depends on the latest technologies of the mathematics, the global network of information and multimedia, the fields of dialogue, discussion and virtual classes. But the field of electronic learning and its solutions will not be successful if there are lack of basic elements of the current traditional education. The latter accomplishes many tasks indirectly or invisible to the passers-by, where the students’ time and attendance of schools is an important thing inculcates educational values indirectly and promotes joint work as a team. A variety of services, such as obtaining a Master’s degree online directly, or awarding technical certificates to programmers, IT professionals and other great features, as they do the necessary procedures and provide the required standards for the introduction of recognized programs for distance study.


electronic, learning, mathematics, education, benefit



Abed EK. Electronic Learning and its Benefits in Education. EURASIA J Math Sci and Tech Ed. 2019;15(3):em1672. https://doi.org/10.29333/ejmste/102668

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